There’s A ‘Doctor Who’ Helpline For Men Who Can’t Handle A The New Female Doctor

On Sunday, a few hours prior to the premiere of , came through and pre-broke the internet for everyone, by revealing that after 54 years, the Doctor would regenerate into a woman.

The 13th Doctor will be played by sJodie Whittaker, which is perhaps not the most surprising casting, considering the new showrunner, Chris Chibnall, was the showrunner behind that series.

If you click on the above video, the YouTube comment section will give you a little taste of just how badly a certain minority subset of very vocal male fans responded to this news: Badly. Very, very badly.

Complaints ranged from the shrilly sexist to the convoluted arguments that the show had retconned everything just to make this happen. (For the record, spent the last few years retconning several aspects of the show, including that the 12th regeneration was originally , so don’t even start with that.)

This certain minority subset of very vocal male fans seems to exist in all fandoms, and as our entertainment becomes more equal and diverse, the more abusive they seem to get. In some cases, they’ve been successful: There will be no rebooted, for example. In others, their attempts at trying to destroy things because there’s a lead female who isn’t just some mute girlfriend have been laughable, including attempted boycotts on , and .

But, as Mel Brooks will tell you, the best way to neuter such evil is to laugh at it. And that’s just what we’re doing. Check out the helpline:

Though the last season or so has broadly hinted that a female Doctor was in the works, with Capaldi’s waning ratings, there were several reasons to believe the BBC would, in the end, not have the nerve to go through with it. There was, of course, Capaldi’s falling ratings as the 12th Doctor. There was the very public loss of the BBC’s other major hit show,, to Channel 4 last fall. And there was a fear of this sort of backlash coming during a time of Tory government, who continue to look for any reason to cut BBC funding.

I honestly didn’t think they’d go through with it. As a long time Whovian, I’m beyond thrilled. Let’s hope that laughing at those who freak out like this as equality reaches more and more of our long time fandoms becomes the default for dealing with them from here on out.

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