The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Movie Biopic Just Cast Its Star, And We Can’t Wait

It’s not oftenmembers of the Supreme Court become pop culture icons. But then again, there’s only one Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

She’s an outspoken feminist, a long-time advocate for vulnerable populations, and, at 84-years-old, able to whoop the butts of anyone a fraction her age.

She is agift from the gods, andnow we know who will play her inwhat is sure to be an Oscar-winning biopic.

Aftera few false starts, your fave’s biopic, titled ,finally has a lead actor: Felicity Jones.

To most people, Jones, whose casting was reportedon July 18 by Deadline Hollywood, is best-known for her role as Jyn Erso inBut to me, shewillalways be Kim from. (Don’t judge. Ed Westwick is ~100 emoji~ and I unabashedly love bad romcoms.)

The badass octogenarian has been the subject of numerous think pieces and round-ups on the country’s favorite feminists and even a couple of biographies. But now there’ll bea movie that will tell the world about the beginning of her journey to her hard-won place on the Supreme Court.

A story that will firmly place her in the annals of American history.

While is a great biography, the Mimi Leder-directedfilm which was first announced a few years ago will most likely help cement her legacy, muchlike did for younger generations who didn’t grow up with King George VI.

We’ll learn about who RBG was before she was subject to tongue-in-cheek Notorious B.I.G. comparisons. Based on her time at law school and first major case on gender discrimination, is set to start filming in Montreal this September. Eek!

Reading opinionslike her famous dissent in,it almost seems like she came out of the womb, armored and ready to combat inequality.

But is going to tell the story of her beginning and how she became the outspoken RBG we know and love today. We’ll see her face the same gender discrimination that she has fought throughout her entire career. It’s important to see our faves stumble and make mistakes and realize that everybody has to start somewhere.

And, hey, maybe this film will inspire future RBGs.

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