The Internet Reacts To The Obamacare Rollout

Obamacare has had a rough rollout, and the internet has been there to help us all get through it.

1. The first memes were based on government IT incompetence.

2. And the front page of the website took a beating.


3. Much of the criticism revolved around the difficulties of accessing the Obamacare exchange.

4. Some of the internet’s favorite memes got involved in the conversation…

Disaster Girl…

Bad Luck Brian…

…and Poor Doge.

5. The entertainment industry got involved too….

Lord of the Rings


Office Space

Dr. Who and Walking Dead


…and The Matrix.

6. Some attacked Sandra Fluke.

7. Some looked to ancient Greece to tell the story.

8. “Not Bad” Obama showed up.

9. There were lots of “More people did _____ than signed up for Obamacare.”

These also got political.

And some of these got weird.


10. There were some topical Photoshops.

11. Some disaffected Democrats posted that they were self-medicating over the problems.


12. As did reputable news anchors.


13. And the “Obamacare Fix” has been mocked broadly.

14. Some people got detailed about the process.

15. Some people have been truly overly dramatic.


16. And of course, the internet stayed weird.

17. But when Piers Morgan jumps in…

…you know you have a problem. #DEALWITHIT

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