Thank You, Hillary Clinton: Women Share What Her Historic Run Meant To Them

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After a rough election result for Hillary Clinton supporters, many are feeling lost.

Several political analysts and reliable pollsthat correctly predicted the president in the past, got it wrong. Guam, whose votes dont count toward the presidential tally, but whose voters have predicted the presidency since 1984, got it wrong.

Even the Scotlands psychic goat got it wrong.

Were not mad at you, goat. Just disappointed.

Many of the predictors weve relied on during past elections were totally blindsided by the outcome.

Whos to blame? Its hard to say. Many of us were living in a bubble of hope. We thought the majority of America wanted the first female president, or at least didnt want Trump.

Maybe it was because we were only conversing with those who already agreed with us. Or maybe it was because Donald Trumps whole campaign has been unpredictable.

For the shocked, upset, and/or confused Clinton supporters, theres something you can do.

In an attempt to come to terms with the results, and to show their appreciation, people have been sending thank you notes to Hillary.

Theres a lot to thank her for.

She ran a respectable campaign with grace, despite harsh criticism and false claims from her opposers throughout. She dedicated her life to public service. She dawned some amazing monochrome pantsuits.

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